Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Halina Resort

HALINA MOUNTAIN RESORT A Case Study Submitted By: Richmond L. Chua Subject: MG11A Section: 1D (4-6pm) Summary Halina Mountain Resort I. Statement of the Objective The objective of the study is to gain broader views on the analysis of the subject’s (Halina Mountain Resort) vital components and areas which are directed towards the success of the company’s establishment. In this study, certain factors are taken into consideration to determine whether changes or improvements of policies, strategies and other aspects are needed to be done. Furthermore, the subsequent stability and profitability of the company are taken into consideration. Factors which will affect such are studied and analyzed so as to formulate development of strategies which will help the company achieve its success. II. Central Problem One of the main issues that Halina Mountain Resort is the risk of high competition among its nearby adversaries engaged in the same industry III. Areas of Consideration (SWOT Analysis) 1. Strength – Halina Mountain Resort is a company owned business. – The first Resort in the area that has a restaurant. – The resort is the first resort to be reached in Laguna. 2. Weakness – No safety measures mentioned. Halina Mountain Resort don't have enough budget. – The key personnel of the resort are from Herrera family. 3. Opportunity – Popularity is gained through customers, who share their experience to others through videos, pictures and others; it acts as an advertisement for the Resort. 4. Threat – Natural Disaster like typhoon, earthquakes and others. – Other Competi tors in the area that was patronized by people, or may have a low price. – The Resort is near a creek, this may cause the land to be soft. IV. Alternative Causes of Action VI. Plan of Action

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